In the mind of westerners

In the mind of westerners:
Westerners struggle to accept the two truths about the twisted side of humans, because of this they cannot acknowledge the worst possible evil a man can do, but they cannot acknowledge the evil they are capable of. But given the right circumstances, they are willing to abandon their so-called “civilized attitude” and transform in a monster full of hatred and resentment. However, the “sweet and kind” western lifestyle stops them from doing so, in the worst way possible. We westerners live in a dystopia worse than what the media says about foreign countries. In the west we glorify war in the most disgusting, decadent and degenerate way as possible, by transforming such vomiting act into entertainment, videogames are a great example, and they help the weak-minded western man to fulfill their hero fantasy, where they go to a foreign soil and spread terror. However do not dare portraying westerners as enemies, that would disturb them, after all, westerners have a repressed racist side, where they believe they are morally right in what they do as they feel the need to civilize the barbarians, again this a result of westerners not being fully capable of the atrocities they could commit. A revolution in their country would never be an option, as you know it could result in the deaths of many people, whereas it’s more preferable to drop some bombs on foreign hospitals and test chemical weapons on their people, again, because they are foreign they are not really important. Because westerners do not acknowledge the evil they are capable of, they are not capable of blaming who’s truly responsible for all the crimes and suffering on this blue planet of ours. Climate change? It’s all humans’ fault and not of all the entrepreneurs who do “their best” to destroy nature so they can then even capitalize on the air we breathe. A foreign country attacks us? Well they’re people are responsible for all the crimes, let’s drop a nuclear bomb on defenceless cities and spare the ruler, besides they could be a monarch related to one of our royal families, oh and let’s make sure to put a debt on the people to destroy them and create a climate of fear that will lead to the rise of a tyrant with whom we’ll make economic deals, allow to invade countries until they attack one of our imperialist allies. But do not misunderstand, being a westerner is not about genetics, it’s about culture and mindset, this means that even Asians and Africans who were born in the west tend to have such a mind-set. It’s very easy to spot them, they share stories of stereotypical Afro American rappers who usually beat their partners, and they also have a tendency to blame Caucasians in general, even though they are contributing to the capitalist system of the West, by sucking on it as long as it pleases them hedonistically. They might complain about Donald Trump, even though they buy products made by western corporations that oppress and exploit their own people. This system allows them to be kept in check because they are weak-minded, they can’t understand why a certain action should or should not be committed. Britain brags about its values, one of them being the rule of law, how pathetic can you be if respecting the law is one of your values? The reason why you do not rape is not because it’s against the law, but because it’s morally wrong, because you do not violate the body of a human without their consent and traumatizing them for the rest of their life. The reason why you do not bomb hospitals and schools it’s because they are safe zones for innocents, because you do not attack people whom they’re only fault was to EXIST. Mark my words, as soon as British society crumbles, you’ll see all those people busting their ego about their values becoming the monster full of hatred and resentment mentioned in the beginning.